My goal is to provide my clients with a creative experience that delivers real results. If you need a corporate identity, I take your ideas and blend them with my talents to bring out the most superior brand. Website platforms are extremely imperative to your business. A website can make you or break you. I offer website solutions for a great user experience. When conducting a search, I can help you with keywords that will increase the traffic to your site.

With over a decade of digital design experience, I have ventured into other areas of design, photography and video direction. Every element of marketing your business is extremely important. I am here to help you highlight your business to the world. (Private Contract and in-house)


Web Design

Web Redesign in the Los Angeles areas! I help businesses of all scales renovate their websites so that their audiences have a better experience when navigating their website. If you are in the market for a new web redesign, simply shoot me a call or an email and I’ll be glad to discuss the newest content management systems with you. A web redesign will help you feel better about your business and in turn, will have more of your audience see you as a reputable business.



Mobile Web Design

I specialize in tailoring mobile websites for all my clients. With my services, I will introduce your online platform to the world on a moble version and make sure that it is able to be seen through every gadget out there! Without a mobile website design, you really don’t have much of a website at all. Your audience could be bouncing out of your website faster than you think. Learn more about how a mobile web design can help your business. Ecommerce available!


David Duarte Package Designer

Package Design

A package design can make you or break you. Don’t spend thousands of dollars with a firm who will give you little to no personalization. I can help you create the perfect package design for your product. When creating a package design, I make sure to evaluate your industry, competitors, and I make sure your color schemes are aligned with industry standard materials. Packaging design is extremely important and I can take the pressure off your shoulders and take on this venture that I love.



Responsive Design

Remember that your website is your office, your portfolio, your resume. Without people or companies being able to visit your site comfortably on a mobile or ipad device will leave them with a bad experience. Today, more than half of your visitors will be coming from a mobile, ipad or tablet device. Don’t fall behind! I am a responsive designer bringing fresh looks to businesses both small and large. Find out what I can do for your website today. Contact me and I can give you an accurate quote based on how many pages you want on your new responsive website.


David Duarte



Southbay & All Los Angeles

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